Throwback at Audencia SciencesCom's solidarity campaign

28 December 2020
As every year, the 1st year students of Audencia SciencesCom and AGR the school of images, took up a great collective and committed challenge.

For three months and within the framework of the traditional Solidarity Campaign, the students showed ingenuity and creativity to carry out a communication campaign for two non-profit associations.

Accompanied and coached by professional speakers, the students put their talents at the service of La Cloche and Les Baroudeurs de l'Espoir.


The association La Cloche

This association carries out various programs, activities and events to give voice and help people in precarious situations or homeless. It engages citizens, with or without home, to act against the great exclusion.

Thus their main mission is the following: to make society more inclusive. In addition, to recreate social ties, to allow everyone to get involved and to change the way they look at homeless life.

Les Baroudeurs de l'Espoir association

The objective of this association is to provide humanitarian and logistical assistance to civilians in countries at war. It participates in the reconstruction efforts of these countries.

Consequently, its actions are mainly focused on programs of first medical, food and health emergencies and programs to take care of children deprived of school.

This year's briefs

Two issues were raised:

  • How can we better communicate with the non-French-speaking beneficiaries of La Cloche so that they understand the role of the association and what it offers?
  • How to establish and increase the reputation of the Baroudeurs de l'Espoir among 35 to 55 year olds, especially with the objective of increasing the number of donors?

The students had to immerse themselves in the briefs, understand the situation, interpret it and appropriate the issue in order to best meet the needs of the two clients through a comprehensive communication plan.

Their hard work and ideas were applauded and rewarded. Congratulations to them!

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