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NegoTraining organized at the same time in 6 french cities

05 November 2020
From November 4th at 4:16 pm, women in France will work for free until the end of the year, due to wage inequalities, according to the calculation of the Glorieuses. In Audencia, in an attempt to reduce the wage gap between the two sexes, the #NégoTraining workshop was created in 2017. Organized in favor of equal pay for women and men, this free training in salary negotiation, which is only for women, has proven its worth: to date, 2 354 women have attended this 3-hour workshop.

Next Thursday, for the very first time, it will be offered distantly and simultaneously in 6 French cities, in partnership with KPMG France and BPW France! A symbolic date chosen at a time when the current health crisis seems to reinforce these inequalities.

According to Les Glorieuses, from November 4th, at 4:16 pm, French women will work voluntarily for the rest of the year, because of the salary inequalities that persist in France. These have even increased since the beginning of this unprecedented year. At the beginning of the summer of 2020, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) sounded the alarm by revealing that the current health crisis threatened to widen "the gaps that persist between the sexes despite 30 years of progress between women and men". Indeed, women are generally more represented than men in the parts of the economy most affected by the crisis.

Teaching women how to negotiate their pay (wage bargaining certainly includes salary, but also variable pay, flexible working hours, benefits in kind, access to training, etc.) is therefore essential and necessary. Audencia bounced back on the announcement of the symbolic date of #4November 16:16 and will offer, the next day, a workshop #NégoTraining in digital and simultaneous in 6 cities.

Negotiation pays! And it can be learned!

Especially since it works! That's what the second impact study shows about #NégoTraining, a free 3-hour training course for women, designed in 2017 and delivered by the Audencia CSR Chair, as part of the Nantes metropolitan area's CSR platform.

The figures are there: 60% of the women trained say they are confident of applying for a raise or promotion one year after attending the workshop, compared with barely 11% before they registered. Similarly, before the training, only 22% of the women said they were confident about the salary they could expect. Six months after the workshop, the figure rises to 70%, and one year later, 71%.

Even better, 7 out of 10 women have used the tools proposed in the training and have obtained an improvement in their salary or professional situation!

A new #NegoTraining workshop, planned simultaneously in 6 French cities

To date, 2 354 women have already benefited from it.  For the very first time since the launch of this scheme, a workshop will take place simultaneously, the day after #4November16H16, in several major cities in France: Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris and Toulouse.

This exceptional #NégoTraining workshop is organized in partnership with KPMG France, a leader in Audit and Consulting but also one of the Great Patrons of the CSR Chair, and BPW France, an NGO that has been working in France since 1930 to advance the cause of women in the workplace. Each city involved will have a #NégoTraining trainer and a representative from KPMG France or BPW.

These six workshops will all be launched online at the same time in the late afternoon via Blackboard Collaborate, the web conferencing tool developed for education and training. They will all follow the same methodology, the one usually applied in face-to-face workshops, and will offer the same content.

The content will be the same:

Theoretical, but interactive moments where all participants exchange ideas together.
Moments focused on "practical exercises", where participants are grouped virtually in pairs.
Registration is open to all women who wish to train.

Registration for these virtual training sessions, limited to 12 people per city to facilitate exchanges, is open. To register, simply go to the #NégoTraining website ( and click on one of the cities listed : Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris and Toulouse.

#NégoTraining, a new system in France, which Marlène Schiappa became a sponsor in 2018, won the Lucie Trophy for Innov'Action 2018 and the CSR Challenge Trophy in the category of Social Commitment. Also deployed among Audencia students, it continues its development beyond the region. The Cotentin region, via the Cherbourg Maison de l'Emploi, set up workshops in 2018, and training has also been offered in the Angevin metropolis since 2019. Players in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Rennes and Bordeaux have also joined forces with Audencia to help their cities benefit from this initiative.

More information on #NégoTraining and upcoming sessions on the dedicated website.

About the CSR Chair

Audencia's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Chair was created in 2012. By co-constructing useful research with its partners, the CSR Chair produces and disseminates knowledge that helps integrate the principles of corporate social responsibility into the heart of business models, strategies and management practices of companies, in order to strengthen their performance and their capacity to innovate. The CSR Chair also organizes seminars and training sessions and creates operational tools to support companies in the continuous improvement of their CSR approach, in particular by offering national and international comparisons or by promoting exchanges with other stakeholders. Find the CSR Chair on 

The CSR platform of the Nantes metropolis

Co-hosted by Nantes Métropole and the Audencia CSR Chair, the Nantes Metropole CSR Platform is a community of actors committed to CSR in the metropolitan area. Its objective is to promote CSR and foster the responsible development of companies in the area, particularly VSE/SMEs. The #RSEnantes platform is based on transparent and participative governance.

Find the CSR platform of the Nantes metropolitan area on Consult the thematic sheet "Promoting gender equality for greater performance".

The observatory of the #RSEnantes platform

The observatory of the #RSEnantes Platform aims to assess the impact of CSR initiatives on the territory of the Nantes metropolis, including those developed by the #RSEnantes Platform. By proposing performance indicators in the field of CSR, it also contributes to promoting CSR and raising awareness among economic development stakeholders. The studies of the #RSEnantes observatory are available on the website of the #RSEnantes platform.

About KPMG France

KPMG France, a leader in Audit and Consulting, brings together 10,000 professionals dedicated to the economic and financial performance of institutions and companies of all sizes, in all sectors. KPMG provides its clients with the power of a multidisciplinary global network across 150 countries and stands out for its territorial coverage thanks to its 220 offices in France. AUDIT - CONSULTING - ACCOUNTING - LAW AND TAX.

About BPW France

The NGO BPW France has been working in France since 1930 to advance the cause of women in the workplace. It is open and intended for all working women, students or retired women. BPW France pursues its goals and activities without distinction of race, nationality, language, age, religion or political party. With more than 30,000 members in 98 countries, it has statutes with the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Thanks to BPW, Equal Pay Day® is now an international event. For more information, visit the website:

NB: archive photo, taken before the current health crisis.

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