FEDEEH scholarships call for application is launched !

Published on : 13 January 2021

FEDEEH scholarships are meant to support the training pathways to employment of young people with disabilities who do not always find funding solutions to compensate for the needs related to their situation.

Through these scholarships, the FEDEEH and the various partners of the scheme wish to meet these needs, without replacing existing schemes, and to send a message of encouragement and support to all disabled pupils and students.

Who can apply? 

The following are eligible to apply for FEDEEH grants: 

  • Young people with disabilities enrolled in a higher education institution or high school students in their final year of high school who wish to continue their studies;
  • Disabled students wishing to continue their higher education (BTS, IUT, CPGE, Universities, Grandes Ecoles, CFA...). 


Next application session: starting February 17th. Stay tuned!

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