Learning otherwise

Raising awareness

Audencia Business School innovates on how to raise awareness and train students about  CSR issues and the importance of co-building with the stakeholders. Beyond its classes, the school develops numerous manners for students to learn about the practices in this area and to get involved genuinely in the emergence of a more responsible world.

Test our new CSR game: "Responsible Manager"

To raise awareness among students about CSR issues, Audencia launched an interactive game during the competitive admission process.

The objective: to achieve a company mission in which the interlocutor, Marie Pairec CEO of Litex / Livr.on, questions you about the most responsible choices in the management of her company.

In each situation, it belongs to the participant to see which choice best serves the company’s interests and its ecosystem on the economic, social and environmental levels.

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Being mobilized

Learning by project is given priority so that students in initial training or executive education become aware of the CSR extent and the importance to co-build with the stakeholders. This educationalo approach stimulates transdisciplinarity, the concrete expression of concepts and collective intelligence.

New business models

A project by students in the first year of Master in Management program following 24 hours of courses on new economic models

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Zero waste

The starting point of the inter-Specialized Masters'® degree program annual seminar is to cross multiple skills in order to think about solving societal challenges. The 130 students in 5 programs deepen their knowledge of very specific areas, such as procurement, management, digital technology, design or finance. Nothing is more rewarding than combining skills with others to address the challenges of society: an innovative approach to global challenges.

For nearly twenty hours, the students have worked on the "zero waste" theme. The Open Odyssey association accompanied the students in their thinking to create a zero waste district at Bellevue Saint-Herblain in the greater Nantes area. To complete the project, various stakeholders met the students (local authority, businesses, inhabitants, associations).

This type of project allows students to serve a societal issue, no waste, no wastage.

CSR in an international context

Audencia Business School has invited 30 MBA students from the University of Bentley in the United States to learn more about the CSR skills of the campus and the Nantes area in project mode with the Manitou Company.

CSR Focus for an MBA audience

The euroMBA biennial immersion week at Audencia addresses the issue of CSR. Consisting of an international audience of professionals, the group of some forty students takes part in tailor-made sessions to develop their skills in sustainable development and their creativity during a week at Audencia. The topics addressed cover human resources, staff development, innovation methods, introductions to new managerial practices and exercises on self-knowledge. In 2015, the program was supported by the UNESCO French Federation.

Getting involved

Because responsibility notions are meant to be embodied, the CSR institute also accompanies the students beyond their classes. For those who want to move forward on a concrete project, the institute offers its expertise and its network.

Here are some examples of projects set up by Audencia students:

The AuNU (Audencia United Nations) delegation, composed of 16 students represented Audencia during the 11th Youth Conference (COY11) in November 2015

MBA students interviewed more than twenty professionals to better understand companies’ expectations in terms of skills. They relied on the School network to collect these information.

Act in Society

This section contains links to causes defended by different NGOs. To reflect Audencia’s values, we encourage students and volunteers to develop their commitments with them.