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Training courses open to the public

In order to disseminate the results of its faculty's research and to help train as many people as possible on the challenges of the ecological and social transition, Audencia offers In order to disseminate the results of its faculty's research and to help train as many people as possible on the challenges of the ecological and social transition, Audencia offers several free training courses, through the school's chairs and in partnership with other actors. These courses can be given in person or by distance learning.

Would you like to know more about Corporate Social Responsibility? Whether you are an employee, a manager or a CSR consultant, this training course on Corporate Social Responsibility is for you.

Initiated by Audencia's Positive Impact Chair, this online training tool is 100% free, fun and concrete. Depending on your profile, a specific training program is offered.

The five modules offered cover a wide range of issues and tools for a better understanding of CSR: the discovery of the different dimensions and their interest for your company, the definition of the CSR strategy, its implementation, and finally the communication on the approach and the results obtained.

#NegoTraining is a free module aimed at women to raise their awareness of professional inequalities and give them the keys to successful negotiation. This scheme, piloted by Audencia's Positive Impact Chair and initiated by the Nantes metropolitan area's CSR Platform, has already trained more than 3,000 women since its launch in 2017.

Although #NegoTraining initially focused solely on Nantes Metropole, the program has now been established in several cities: Angers, Cherbourg and Laval.


Partnerships are being discussed in other cities. #NegoTraining can also be delivered remotely.

Do you want to act in favor of more responsible fashion? Take part in our Slow Fashion Training by Audencia!

The program aims to raise awareness about responsible fashion.

How can we do it? By becoming aware of the impacts of the sector, by deciphering purchasing behaviors, and by discovering more sustainable practices.

The objective? That everyone participates at his or her own level in the collective effort towards responsible fashion, and knows how to disseminate the right information.

This is a free module available online, lasting 2 hours.

Responsible and profitable Entrepreneurship

Let by the Positive impact-Chair, the Responsible and profitable Entrepreneurship module, developed by the Nantes metropolitan area's CSR Platform and Les Sup'Porteurs de la Création 44, is aimed at business creators to raise awareness of CSR in their project.

A 1st step module which aims to

  • To inform managers about the major issues of sustainable development and CSR
  • To raise awareness of the importance of a responsible strategy
  • To equip entrepreneurs to implement an integrated CSR strategy and inspire their future actions

Workshops are regularly organized in Nantes. Free upon registration (subject to availability).


Training courses to the public

TIn order to disseminate the results of its faculty's research and to help train as many people as possible on the challenges of the ecological and social transition, Audencia offers several free training courses, through the school's chairs and in partnership with other actors. These courses can be given in person or by distance learning.

Audencia is a school that is open to everyone !

As part of its social responsibility strategy, Audencia works daily to create a more open, egalitarian and diverse society. The school is developing numerous initiatives to integrate, support and help all talented individuals succeed, regardless of their social background, gender or disability.


RIO is a program of social access and equal opportunity  by four Grandes Ecoles in Nantes (Audencia, Centrale Nantes, IMT Atlantique and Oniris).

Launched in 2006, the program was awarded the "Cordée de la réussite" label in 2008 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Its objective is to promote access to knowledge for all and to fight against self-censorship in order to remove cultural and psychological barriers for high school students from modest backgrounds or rural areas.

Since its creation, BRIO has demonstrated its ability to bring about profound changes, both in the pursuit of higher education and in professional integration

The Sirius Program for vocational high school graduates

Many students with a vocational high school degrees enter the workforce, sometimes by default, fearing that they will not be able to pursue higher education.

Audencia offers them a new field of possibilities. Starting in September 2022, the school will offer a one-year program dedicated to these students.

The goal is to enable them to strengthen their skills so that they can pursue further studies at Audencia with confidence.

Scolarships and adapted programs

Audencia, with the support of its Foundation, helps to remove the obstacles, particularly financial ones, that still too often lead candidates to opt for other educational paths.

Audencia students benefit from several financial support mechanisms: an increase in the number of apprenticeship places, a partnership with Toutes Mes Aides, which provides access to all national and regional aid programs, loans negotiated with partner banks, scholarships from Audencia's own funds and via the Audencia Foundation (more than one million euros will be donated in this regard in 2020), etc.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our objectives

Acting in favor of gender equality in the workplace and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities are two of Audencia's five CSR priorities that the school has identified through a materiality matrix developed with its various stakeholders. Beyond these priorities, the school is committed to social openness, the fight against sexism and the well-being of its students and employees. The school has numerous actions in the area of social justice that involve its students and graduates, its employees and its partners.


Achieve gender diversity within our programs with at least 40% of each gender represented by 2025
Achieve at least 95 points (on 100) on the professional gender quality equality index by 2025
To train at least 10 000 women to #NégoTraining by 2025


By 2025, at least 2% of learners with disabilities, and by 2030, reach the 3% quota of learners with desabilities
By 2030, reach the goal of 6% of handicap employees
Offer by 2025 a scholarship of 10% to each student with official recognition of handicap status




First agaisnt gender-based and sexual violence

Audencia is committed to fighting against all forms of sexist and sexual violence. Repeated, discriminatory, degrading, humiliating, or personally damaging comments and behaviors of any kind do not correspond to the values of our institution.

Any act of sexist and sexual violence constitutes an offence punishable under the conditions provided for by the penal code and may give rise to a disciplinary sanction independent of the implementation of criminal proceedings.

The subject of harassment in the workplace or at school is still very sensitive. It can be difficult to identify that one is a victim of harassment, despite the visible consequences on one's health (loss of self-confidence, anxiety...), on social relations (loss of confidence in one's entourage, withdrawal...), on studies (failure in exams, dropping out...) or on one's professional career (disinterest, isolation from the team...).

Thus, our institution makes every effort to create a caring and inclusive climate within its community. Our system is based on :

  • A Sexual and Gender-Based Violence reprensentative
  • A nurse on duty on each campus
  • A 24-hour, 7-day-a-week crisis hotline
  • A network of local external actors


Audencia believes that the uniqueness of each individual is a strength that it supports for the benefit of personal development and success. For several years now, we have been implementing an inclusive policy for young people with disabilities on our campuses to support their pursuit of higher education, as well as for our internal teams to promote the inclusion and retention of people with disabilities in the workplace.

This comprehensive support, which is co-constructed with local and national players, covers everything from schooling (entrance exams, adaptation, student life, daily life) to career development and job retention.

It is adjusted to best meet the needs of each community.

A disability can be temporary or lifelong. It can be acquired at birth, but it can also occur throughout one's life, education and career. This is why it is possible to talk to Audencia's disability advisor at any time.

The interviews are confidential and allow us to define the personal needs of each student in order to promote well-being and comfort on our campuses.

Inclusion of LGBTQI+ individuals

In 2015, Audencia signed the LGBT Charter of the Other Circle to act in favor of the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-binary people, within its internal teams and its student community.

Concerned about the well-being of our internal stakeholders, we work to create an inclusive climate in which everyone can find their place and experience their schooling or career with respect for their identity. This is reflected in our pedagogy, our research, and in the vigilance we bring to our HR practices and programs.


Autre cercle

Focus on neurodivergence

Rapid, tree-like thinking, heightened creativity, sensory and emotional hypersensitivity...

Neurodivergence is defined by a neurological, cognitive and/or psychological functioning that deviates from the standards (HPI, HPE, Dys, ADHD, ASD (autism spectrum disorders)...). The specificities of neurodivergent individuals can be categorized as particular functionings reflecting capacities and difficulties (which can resemble a handicap).

The perception and inclusion of these atypicalities by society varies greatly, which is why at Audencia we are committed to supporting different learning profiles in their education and career.

The majority of neurodivergents have to put in place a considerable amount of effort and strategies to hide their difference and to blend in with society. Audencia wishes to support these singular profiles in order to allow them to better live with their specificity and to help them reveal their talents.

By promoting neurodiversity, Audencia wishes to open the field of possibilities towards a fairer, more creative and less conformist society.

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