Initial training

CSR Course

The year-long Corporate Social Responsibility course invites you to question the way companies integrate sustainability in their everyday work, their strategy and their operations.
The first semester helps you better understand the link between societal challenges and their application in business (what does CSR involve?, what are the measurement and control tools?, what are its purposes?).
The second semester delves further into the themes of diversity and inclusion in the company. The classes focus on applying CSR in the company, with practitioners invited to share their business practices.
Because the integration of CSR issues in your future duties is central to the Audencia Business School project, you can also draw on the resources of the CSR Institute and the CSR Chair.

MBA in Responsible Management

The role of companies in society is changing. They are increasingly challenged on their societal impact. Their performance is no longer limited in their ability to create financial value, but on their capacity to combine economic and social levers. It is within this framework, in conjunction with the WWF, that the full-time MBA integrates CSR issues in cross-cutting fashion. The course is designed to train future executives to handle the complex problems facing organizations.

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