Nos objectifs

The integration of ecological and social challenges in research with the aim of effectively moving business and society, which was identified through a materiality assessment conducted alongside its stakeholders, is defined as one of the 5 CSR Priorities of Audencia.

Research will be financed through the Audencia Foundation, who has placed these themes in the heart of its fundraising campaign.

To integrate the challenges of ecological and social transition in Research, Audencia has developed 2 complementary approaches. On the one hand, research in these themes is developed in a multi-disciplinary approach to deal with the complexity of issues and propose global solutions. On the other hand, faculty receive training and attend research seminars enabling them to integrate the challenges of ecological and social transition in a transversal manner. To further encourage this dynamic, a higher bonus is given to faculty publishing research contributing to the acceleration of the ecological and social transition.

Our Plan of Action

Five elements characterize our approach :

  • Multidisciplinarity : research projects mobilize different disciplines such as strategy, finance, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing, supply chain, as well as several managerial, economic, sociological, organizational or philosophical approaches.
  • Its links to its domestic community, as well as the national and international level: our connections with local and national community and our international ambitions are reflected in the subject choices.
  • The consideration given to our stakeholders: the CSR research projects reflect the importance of taking into account and studying all stakeholders – whether it be businesses (big or small) or civil society, organizations or government – in order to better understand CSR and its implications.
  • Collaboration : through its multidisciplinary nature, collaborations are necessary and are reflected in the development projects and partnerships.
  • Action-research : this approach aims to better understand the perspectives of practitioners and contributes to the resolution of the problems studied.

Thèmes de recherche

Les thèmes de recherche d'Audencia Business School explorent de nombreux champs en lien direct ou indirect avec la RSE, le développement durable et l’éthique des entreprises. Chacun à leur manière contribuent aux développements et aux réflexions concernant les relations entre les entreprises et la société.

 Les recherches visent à répondre à trois défis majeurs :

•    La conception et la mise en œuvre de modèles d’affaires et de développements soutenables (et en phase, notamment, avec les objectifs de neutralité carbone).

•    La définition et l’adoption d’approches managériales favorisant des organisations et des sociétés inclusives

•    La création et l’utilisation de technologies et d’information responsables



millions d’euros collectés pour financer des recherches sur la transition écologique et sociale d'ici 2025
ddes productions scientifiques porteront sur la transition écologique et sociale d'ici 2025
des productions scientifiques dans les revues académiques impliquent des auteurs d’au moins 2 disciplines