One of the objectives of the CSR Institute is to promote the development of knowledge in the field of corporate social responsibility. To do so, it brings together faculty from Audencia Business School and other institutions working on this subject.

Working closely with business and other stakeholders, research projects associated with the Institute are intended not only to develop theoretical knowledge on CSR but also in the field, to help design and implement CSR initiatives and propose appropriate models and tools.

Via this work, the Institute wishes to participate and provide input for discussions on responsible management and sustainable development issues.

Our approach

The Institute's approach has five main features:

  • Multidisciplinary: the research projects involve various disciplines such as strategy, finance, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing, supply chains and several managerial approaches such as economic, sociological, organizational, or philosophical.
  • The local roots as well as national and international scope: our local presence and our international ambitions are reflected both in the choice of subjects treated within the Institute and in the field.
  • The inclusion of stakeholders: the Institute's research projects reflect the importance of taking into account and studying every type of stakeholders - including businesses (large and small), civil society, associations or government - to better understand CSR and its implications.
  • Cooperation: because of its multidisciplinary nature, cooperation is vital. This is reflected in the projects and partnerships developed.
  • Research-Action: this approach is designed to better understand the practitioners' points of view and help to solve the problems they study.

    Research topics

    The research topics of the CSR Institute explore various fields in direct or indirect relationship with CSR, sustainable development and corporate ethics. Each in their own way helps to develop and analyze the relationships between business and society.

    The fields explored can be grouped into three main areas:

    • Understanding, implementing and conceptualizing CSR approaches in companies and organizations (such as diversity, sustainable supply chain, responsible innovation, fighting against corruption, responsible finance, ethics, etc.)
    • Rethinking and proposing new business models (such as the circular economy, social entrepreneurship, the collaborative and inclusive economy, the cooperative economy, etc.)
    • Studying companies and organizations in their networks and interrelations with stakeholders
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