Back to the 1st PHRATRIES workshop with Audencia students

13 January 2021
On January 7th, Audencia's student tutors, in charge of disabled students in the ULIS class at the Louis-Antoine de Bougainville high school, delivered their first face-to-face session. The program included an icebreaker game workshop, awareness of autonomy in public transportation, Dixit game...

As part of the partnership with FEDEEH, Audencia opened its first PHRATRIES tutoring program at the Louis-Antoine de Bougainville high school. 

3 student tutors supervise a dozen students with disabilities on various subjects, in line with their needs! 

On the program for this first session

- Musical chairs to get to know each other. 

- Using Dixit cards to get students to express themselves.

- Workshop on public transportation in Nantes to know how to get organized and be autonomous. 

- "One problem = one creative solution" game to develop youth creativity and group synergy.

Find some testimonies of the tutors about this session

"A first face-to-face session that went very well. As for the first ones, the young people were very involved, it was a real pleasure to meet them (and the coordinators)."

"The young people were very motivated and delighted to see us, which was a real balm to our hearts. They have all participated enormously, helped each other. We are already seeing the first
progress in speaking and confidence."


Congratulations to all the persons involved in the project! 

Next sessions on January 21 and February 4... Stay tuned 

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