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Audencia commits and signs the responsible digital charter

16 October 2020
On September 7 and 8, within the Palais des Congrès in Paris, Audencia signed the Responsible Digital Charter of the Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR), in the presence of André Sobczak, Audencia's Academic and Research Director, and Jean-Christophe Chaussat, President of the INR.

On the occasion of the start of the 2020 academic year, Audencia reaffirms its CSR commitments to enter resolutely into a "Responsible Digital" approach.

Digital technology is revolutionizing the functioning of organizations at a dizzying speed! It is a source of innovation and progress, reflecting their modernity, to the point of becoming a showcase for their know-how. It can be a formidable tool for creating new sustainable, more respectful of the environment and more ethical values towards society if it is supervised and thought out in terms of its impact. It is in this context that Audencia joins the 60 companies that support this approach by signing the Responsible Digital Charter, further affirming its CSR commitments.

André Sobczak, Audencia's Academic and Research Director and Jean-Christophe Chaussat, President of the Responsible Digital Institute, signed the Responsible Digital Charter: "this signature confirms the school's commitment to responsible digital technology. Thus, for the past year, the school's CSR chair has been running a Think Tank on this special theme at the request of the company GFI. As part of the Nantes CSR Platform, it has designed a free training course on responsible digital technology for SMEs and VSEs in the region. Finally, as part of its internal approach, the Responsible Digital Working Group (made up of members of the Digital Transformation and Information Systems Department and Audencia employee volunteers committed to the theme) have launched various initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of digital technology, in accordance with Green IT Best Practices. These actions are implemented on the different campuses. The Responsible Digital Charter allows us to evaluate the margins of progress for the coming years".

The INR is “delighted to have Audencia as one of the new signatories as a school involved in CSR and Responsible Digital," reveals Jean-Christophe Chaussat. “Indeed, we are convinced that our actions must be continued, adapted and enriched by young people entering the job market and considered as a vital commitment in the strategic orientations of their future functions. It is through education that the awakening of the consciences of the new generations will take place and will allow tomorrow to make the right choices for a more inclusive and environmentally friendly digital world. The future of this digital world is in their hands."

With this signature, Audencia commits itself:

- to optimize digital tools to limit their impact and consumption.

- to develop service offers that are accessible to all, inclusive and sustainable.

- for ethical and responsible digital practices.

- towards a responsible digital environment, essential to ensure the resilience of organizations.

- to promote the emergence of new behaviors and values.

This event took place in parallel with the Produrable trade show which was held over two days at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Audencia participated in this fair and presented two programmes specifically oriented towards sustainable development (the MS Actor for Energy Transition (APTE) and the MBA Chief Value Officer) on the LUCIE Label stand.

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