Audencia Business School hosting the EuroMBA

27 August 2019
The theme “Leading responsibly toward a sustainable future”

This week, Audencia is proudly hosting the EuroMBA residential week on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The EuroMBA is an elite part-time program for internationally oriented managers and professionals. This online program goes over two years, with six one-week residential seminars.

The motto of the Audencia residential week is “Leading responsibly toward a sustainable future”. It is addressing in a coherent and holistic way prevalent issues of sustainability and CSR. The focus is on how responsible leadership, both, by individual managers and firms, can shape a sustainable future for the people and the planet.

Audencia Business School decided to focus the content of the one-week residential program on the sustainable development agenda the world has set itself at the beginning of 2016. The UN 17 sustainable development goals (the SDGs) provide the main framework for discussing questions and challenges of as well as implications for responsible leadership. It enables participants to derive a learning experience linked to both, personal and professional growth. Regarding the professional learning experiences, participants will look into various areas related to leading responsibly, comprising for instance how to engage with stakeholders, how to deal with issues of diversity or issues of corruption, and in general, the challenges of sustainability and CSR. Regarding the personal learning experiences, the program offers opportunities to grow as a responsible leader, by providing moments for self-reflection through meditation, possibilities for the self-assessment of responsible leadership style, and coaching skills.

Earlier this year, our faculty started designing the content of the program and reflecting on how to best deepen the participants’ learning experiences by applying both their new insights and motivation as a responsible leader, and the deeper understanding of the professional challenges and opportunities around sustainable development to tackle SDGs through social innovation. The week starts by watching and discussing the short films on SDGs produced by young filmmakers and presented by the Festival le Temps Presse. Furthermore, as a team project for the week participants merge their ideas with others to develop a business plan for a new social entrepreneurial venture. Specifically, as teams of entrepreneurs that embark on a journey of personal and professional development to become responsible leaders, our EuroMBA participants set themselves the task to design a new entrepreneurial venture that proposes an innovative solution to help addressing one (or more) of the SDGs. During the whole week, experienced scholars and professionals will assist and guide them in preparing their social entrepreneurial venture. By the end of the week, EuroMBA participants will pitch their ideas to an audience of potential investors who are interested in supporting new ventures that combine a social cause with a sound business model.

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