André Sobczak André Sobczak

André Sobczak

Founder of the Audencia CSR Institute

Founder of the Audencia CSR Institute, André Sobczak is the author of numerous academic and professional publications on CSR management. He is regularly consulted by companies & public authorities to assist them in their CSR initiatives.

Céline Louche Céline Louche

Céline Louche

Director of the Audencia CSR Institute

Director of the Audencia CSR Institute: Engaged in the field of CSR since 1998, Céline worked as an ESG / SRI analyst in the Netherlands for several years before moving to the academic world. Rethinking the company and its relations with society, developing new business models, questioning our practices, instilling a critical look are central themes of her research and teaching.

After obtaining her post-graduate degree (DESS) in the management of cultural projects, Aline joined the CSR institute to help structure CSR commitments on campus. Since 2014, in conjunction with the faculty, Aline has been developing educational projects related to CSR and aims to mainstream the results in her classes.

Aline Polipowski Aline Polipowski

Aline Polipowski

Head of the CSR Instruction Sector

An associate of the Institute since its inception in 2007, Barbara oversees the institution's internal CSR initiative. Her goal is to unite all of the employees and the stakeholders involved in the values and commitments of Audencia Business School.

Barbara Haddou Barbara Haddou

Barbara Haddou

Head of the Stakeholder Engagement Sector