Backed by the values of Audencia Business School, our graduates have created a Sustainability Club, and a Club dedicated to equality between women and men. Based on meetings and discussions on various CSR topics, these clubs are designed to disseminate the best practices implemented in organizations.

The institute supports graduates and runs a LinkedIn group to monitor activities at the school and discuss more specific topics. 

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Sustainable Development Club

The concepts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are now essential to the strategy, management and communication of any organization. The Audencia Alumni CSR Club is designed to promote exchanges between Audencia graduates and faculty around CSR issues:

How sustainable development is increasingly linked to business strategies

The means available for integrating CSR throughout a company's value chain (purchasing, human resources, marketing & sales, etc.) How to make the CSR approach a lever for innovation, performance and value creation for the company

Club events are based on talks by academics and professionals from all walks of life, and are designed to be a friendly place for discussions and sharing experiences, best practices and questions.

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Audencia for Women

Audencia for Women is tasked with promoting the career development of women graduates from Audencia Business School, to develop exchanges and solidarity between them, to provide and promote the network of women graduates and actively participate in the debate on place of women in the economy.
Their values are sharing, ambition and commitment. Their actions, planned and facilitated by volunteer graduates, provide practical assistance to women in various forms: workshops, conferences, round tables and debates with well-known personalities, cultural outings, networking, sharing best professional practice, document monitoring, publications, information, etc.
The French Business Movement (MEDEF) and its Men / Women Equality Committee have supported their efforts by hosting and facilitating the organization of their annual conference since 2008. In 2011, with the research professors of the Human Resources major, they started the Audencia for Women barometer, which questions Audencia Business School graduates in order to compare the employment situation of women with that of men, to measure changes in certain criteria over time and draft an overview of the graduate employment situation.

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CSR award

Each year, at the presentation of the Master in Management program  graduation ceremony a CSR award is given. This award is designed to pay tribute to the commitment of a student throughout his or her career at Audencia Business School, whether through their associative, professional, or extra-educational experience on campus or elsewhere. Selection is based on the extent of positive impacts related to the work they have done, on their ability to involve others in a project and consistency in their coursework.


The student in the Global Responsibility course has proven her commitment throughout her years at the school:

    • AIPM internship, Part 1 - PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL RESORT - Spain - Commercial and Event Assistant
    • AIPM internship, Part 2 - ASSOCIATION SOLIDARITE ENFANCE ET VIE - TOGO - Microcredit impact assessment assistant
    • AGIR Internship, Part 1 - MI-WOE SOCIAL BUSINESS SARLU (accessories made from recycled plastic bags) - TOGO - Development assistant
    • AGIR Internship, Part 2 - GROUPE SOS - France - Development and Partnerships Officer
    • Pro bono volunteer at the Espace 19: facilitating linguistic social workshops for foreign residents
    • BRIO Tutor: Tutoring of 6 high school students


    The student in the Global Responsibility course has proven her commitment throughout her years at the school:


    • Understanding internship within the Grameen Bank (micro-credit bank created by Pr. Muhammad Yunus) in Bangladesh.
    • Elected in 2011 President of the SIFE Association, renamed Enactus (Social Entrepreneurship)
    • Participation in the Ashoka Dream-It Do-It program: sponsoring a pair of youngsters in carrying out a social entrepreneurship project.
    • Optional internship (in the form of civic service) within Enactus France
    • Active member of the Enactus France Alumni Association as co-head of the Mentoring sector which is designed to provide experience for others and help them develop their project.